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Recruiters are too often bluffed with candidate’s exaggerated resumes. Every recruiter is no stranger to the candidates that claim to have years of industry experience… only to find out the candidate lacks relevant knowledge in the field and has fluffed up their resume. One recruiter shares a story of a 21 year old recent graduate whose resume stated they had 8 years of project management experience. Somehow the math did not add up but the candidate was able to make it to the first round of interviews because his resume met the job requirements.
Another recruiter shares a story of a candidate restate technical jargon to make himself seem qualified. The recruiter had a hunch that the candidate was overcompensating but even with an assessment test the candidate was able to score decently. As it turns out, the candidate was sent over the assessment test which was likely taken by someone else. The candidate was unable to perform coding during his second round of face-to-face interview. It is no shock that in today’s competitive labor market candidates are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for another individual to take a performance tests or even complete a phone interview. Take a minute to Google “proxy interviews” and it is clear why the talent gap continues to grow. These unfit, yet clever, candidates waste time and money of the recruiters and companies and make it harder to find the right talent.
Proxy interviews, mismatched skill sets and fake resume are serious pain pointsthat have plagued the industry today
These recruiting roadblocks are not uncommon due to recruiters limited knowledge and tools to assess technical candidates. The candidates applying for technical positions use this window of opportunity to bluff recruiters. Even assessment tests fall short of empowering recruiters to find the top talent due to static questions and plagiarism. Assessment test do not solve the root of the problem to prevent skill set mismatch and plagiarism. Candidates have the ability to do “open book interviewing” with assessment tests. Even if candidates take the test in front of the recruiter, the recruiter’s time is drained instead. Wouldn’t it make more sense for recruiters to have candidates validated prior to even having to meet? Simply put, assessment test are not efficient practices for recruiters to eliminate “bad” hires or time wasted with the wrong candidates.
mroads recognized the pain points of recruiters which led to built-in plagiarism detection for Paññã- an artificially intelligent driven online video platform. The online interview platform is recruiter's first line of defense to hire an expert without being one. Recruiters now time saving protection to ensure unskilled candidates are filtered out with A.I driven technical interviews. The proprietary question bank integrates the most sought after technical skill sets which are asked on the fly and auto-evaluated. Recruiters now have an in-depth, easy to understand set of data points to hire the top talent.
Additionally, the plagiarism detection takes it to the next level with facial detection, new browser opening being flagged and denying any coding to be copy and pasted. Paññã’s features are every recruiter's dream to call a spade a spade and only focus on interviewing the technical play markers.At mroads, we are making inroads to eliminate plagiarism and give recruiters the competitive advantage to have the best talent at their fingertips. Recruiters, tell us your recruiting nightmares for a chance to be featured in next month’s blog. We appreciate industry leaders feedback to continue to make the world’s first A.I online interview platform the most innovative technology to empower recruiters like never before.