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mroads wins "Best Use of Technology in HR Product"

Mumbai, India- mroads’ online video interview platform Paññã (Panya) has won the award for the Best use of Technology in an HR product at the World HRD Congress event held in Mumbai, India, from Feb. 15-17.

The Best Use of Technology Award recognizes companies that innovate and use technology to bring next generation products and solutions to the HR space. Paññã is a simple-to-use video interview platform designed to help companies find the best talent in the shortest amount of time.

“Paññã is a perfect example of an next generation recruiting solution for large scale hiring that mitigates the skills mismatch challenges faced by almost all organizations,” World HRD Congress executive Aasif Sayed said.

The product allows companies to use pre-populated interview questions that measure applicants’ abilities in a range of subjects, from coding skill to interpersonal skills and more. Users also have the ability to create custom interviews.


Rahul Kukreti, CMO and Manohar Kesireddy, CEO at the World HRD Congress 2016, Mumbai.


“With companies and entrepreneurs from over 75 countries vying for various awards, we are very honored to receive this award,” mroads co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Rahul Kukreti said.

“Paññã provides HR teams with great feature sets and strong data points to make smart and confident hires. Paññã has consistently scored high on ease of use, integration with users’ embedded systems and has delivered a higher strike rate thus both speeding up and simplifying the hiring process. It answers the pressing needs of today new age hiring.”

About Paññã 
Paññã (Panya) is an intuitive video interview platform built for a single purpose—to find the optimum talent in the shortest time. The Paññã platform interviews talent that allow hiring managers to separate the best from the rest, and also provides strong data points to assist companies with thier hiring needs. Paññã offers two different interviewing modules:

Dynamic presets: Ready to use pre-populated interviews in information technologies generated from mroads’ proprietary, ever-growing question bank. These interviews measure talent in subject knowledge, coding skills, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Paññã provides expert evaluation, market median comparisons and in-depth reporting.

Custom Interviews: Companies can also prepare, schedule and evaluate interviews at your their pace. They can use Paññã’s question generator interface to prepare coding, video and multiple-choice based questions.


            ·  Reduce cost-per-hire by 30 to 45 percent

            ·  Reduce new hire turnover by 20 to 30 percent

            ·  Reduce time-to-hire by 25 to 40 percent

            ·  Improve quality of hires

            ·  Streamline hiring process


About World HRD Congress 
The World HRD Congress is governed by a Global & National Advisory Council and conducts HR events and recognition every year. The world HRD Congress recognizes top performers in the field of Human Resource Development from around the globe.With more than 75 countries participating, the World HRD Congress is one the largest gathering of HR professionals.

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