Our services
We are in a unique position with experience in technology and business. Having delivered solutions and services across different domains, we use an innovative service model which is based on result driven partnerships. Combining our broad spectrum of technology expertise and domain knowledge, we offer multi tier services including IT solutions delivery, professional consulting and process improvements that help our customers achieve business goals with strategy, certainty and pace.
We help our partners in prototyping business models, competitive analysis and customer research. mroads has established process and built products (Patent pending) which are evolving continuously through various partnerships.
We specialize in
Big Data & Analytics
Cloud enablement
Testing & Performance engineering
Infrastructure management & DevOps
Advisory & Strategy
HR & Talent management
Digital transformation
Business intelligence
Business process transformation


  • Mobility
    Many organizations looking to integrate mobility into their business strategies face obstacles ranging from lack of expertise and data security concerns to supporting multi-platform BYOD demands. But the benefits of successfully implementing mobile solutions can mean greater customer engagement, increased workplace productivity and even deeper partner alliances.
  • Big Data & Analytics
    With more information coming from more sources and growing in size, diversity and complexity; organizations struggle to manage what is been termed as 'big data'. Conventional data management practices not only strain IT resources, but storing this information is costly. However, harnessing the power of big data can help you uncover valuable customer and business insights, enable you to deliver competitive advantages, improve decision making and drive growth.
  • Cloud enablement
    mroads cloud consulting services help customers evaluate cloud as part of their IT service delivery strategy, recommend which enterprise applications can be moved to the cloud, technology for the cloud enablement, operating model, benefits and risks. mroads offers Cloud services as a personalized offering and also as part of pre-configured cloud services recommendations/enablement offerings. Personalized offering will help enterprises custom chose services of interest, while pre-configured offerings can provide more services for the dollar spent.
  • HR & Talent management
    Getting talent acquisition and management right in the era of filtering through thousands of online applications generated through few simple clicks, means you can worry less about your talent problems and more about business opportunities. As businesses look for global growth, mismatch between demand and supply of talent means that getting and keeping the right people has never been more challenging.