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Plano, TX- mroads announced today the launch of Paññã (pronounced Panya), the first of it’s kind intuitive online interviewing platform offering dynamic presets and custom interviews to find the right talent in the shortest time.

“Presently, most companies offer live or one-way pre-recorded interviews. At Paññã, we interview talent through presets set in vast array of information technologies. These interviews are very progressive and unique in nature. You save a lot of time as you are not dependent on interview preparation and evaluation. Just schedule the talent and we will interview them for you in the technology required for your hiring needs. This is an ideal offering for your first round of interviews,” said Manohar Kesireddy, CEO, mroads.

Paññã offers two different interviewing modules:

Dynamic presets: Ready to use pre-populated interviews in information technologies generated from our proprietary ever growing question bank. These interviews measure talent in subject knowledge, coding skills, problem solving and interpersonal skills. Paññã provides expert evaluation, market median comparisons and in-depth reporting.

Custom Interviews: Prepare, schedule and evaluate interviews at your own pace. Use our question generator interface to prepare coding, video and multiple choice based questions.

“Paññã allowed us to screen and filter candidates for our multiple engineering positions in a fast and economical manner. We were able to not only filter on technical capabilities but also configure the behavioral components of the automated interview within hours to test for organizational and cultural fit. This solution has immense potential to be applied in areas where there are several applicants and for companies looking to win the race to hire rock star talent,” said Vinod Periagaram, Director of Engineering, Intuit.

Paññã aims to empower human resources like never before. Integrated with features such as facial detection, expert evaluation, in-built code editors and more, Paññã is the next generation solution to identify well-rounded talent. HR can effortlessly interview, evaluate, customize, screen and track the progress of each talent.

With market median comparison and strong data points, Paññã is able to measure talent in any technology across the industry. Paññã also offers a customizable module where you can create your own interviews. The product can seamlessly integrate with your HR systems and can be used for any industry.

To learn more about Paññã, please visit

About mroads
mroads is a startup based out of Plano, TX, specializing in building next generation workforce that leverages technology and awareness. We believe innovation leads to generating solutions that make the day to day life easy for humans and organizations. We serve our clients and help them solve their toughest problems by delivering a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary services based on our deep industry knowledge. Our goal is to deliver the next generation hiring platform that aims to revolutionize the hiring practice and empower HR.