Finding the right talent. And fast!
In todays' fast changing, highly competitive marketplace identifying top candidates has never been so challenging. Skill set mismatches, falsified resume(s), and proxy interviews have plagued the industry causing hiring nightmares. So how do you go about finding the right talent?
Paññã is a data-driven AI video interview platform that finds the right talent in the shortest time. Paññã, empowers HR by providing the right set of tools to shortlist the best in the stack of applicants. It provides artificially intelligent hiring, an ever-growing repository of dynamic questions, expert evaluation, recorded interviewing, video conferencing and voice and face recognition. This user-friendly, video interview platform blocks out proxy interviews and under-qualified applicants from large pools of candidates- all of it in an impressively short time. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the top candidates.
Paññã offers three interviewing modules to choose from:
1. Live interviews- a Skype on steroids!

Yes, that’s right. We have taken video conferencing to the next level. Recruiters can ask candidates in-depth questions on the fly and Paññã will instantly auto evaluate and present you with the right answer. These interviews are digitally stored for collaboration and benchmarking, reducing the subjectivity out of hiring.

Some of our features include group chats between candidate and interviewers and interviewers only, live and offline feedback, in-depth reporting for HR and managers to see, recorded video session and unlimited seating. No more buzz words, exaggerations or proxy interviews. Recruiters can now make better screening decisions and take the guesswork out of hiring.

The Paññã live video conference is truly one of its kind!

2. AI driven progressive technical interviews

Java, React JS, C++? No problem!

Just pick any skill set(s) from our vast array of technologies and Paññã will prepare and conduct intelligent interviews that are unique and progressive in nature. Best of all, these interviews get evaluated by our experts and presents you with an in-depth report along with the candidate score and market median comparison.

Using proprietary state of the art technology, interviewing is a breeze with Paññã.

3. Custom adaptive interviews

Live interviews. Dynamic technical A.I interviews. Looking for more?!

Paññã also offers a custom interview module where you can prepare and evaluate interviews at your own pace! Create custom interview questions for any profession and do your own evaluation and scoring. Make use of our question generator interface to prepare additional video, coding and multiple choice questions for your interview. Either way you get access to the cool features that Paññã has to offer.

Did we mention that we are the world's first to offer these interview modules?

Ok, so which interviewing module is right for me?
All of them or any standalone a la carte module! Paññã has been built wherein all modules can talk to each other and extract the best out of them. At the heart of all this is our proprietary state-of-the-art question bank which can be accessed in any module.
Looking for an end to end experience in interviewing?
Then Paññã is the ideal product for you- quickly shortlist your talent and interview only the best ones. Get access to every feature including scheduling, interiewing, video conferencing and in-depth reporting to name a few.
Looking only to take live interviews?
Make use of our live video conferencing interview module. Built ground up with aim to improve the interview experience, Paññã video conference features robust group chats between interviewers and candidate to interviewers, ability to provide both live and offline feedback, reporting for HR and managers to see the entire video session of the interview, questions and answers asked, along with feedback provided by the interview panel.
No matter which module you pick, Paññã offers a plethora of features to deliver a cutting edge hiring platform that will revolutionize the hiring practice while empowering HR.
Key features
Live interviews

Conduct live interviews using our video conferencing interview platform featuring instant evaluation, technical questioning, in-built coding, screen sharing, chat, feedback system and razor sharp video and audio.

AI driven interviews

Make use of our vast technology presets. Paññã generates dynamic AI driven technical interviews that are backed by solid algorithms, ensuring that each interview is progressive and unique for the candidate!

Market median comparison

Get true market comparison when your candidate is measured against every other talent that has taken an interview on the Paññã platform for a given technology!

500k+ questions

Evergrowing question bank with latest technology assessment topics and constantly updated via crowdsourcing.

Expert evaluation

Get rated by multiple industry experts based on subject matter. Complete access to detailed evaluation metrics including scoring grades and market comparison.

Robust code editors

Ask coding questions for any programming language! Our code editor covers most of the languages including C++, Python, HTML, Javascript to name a few.

Ease of use

Conduct your interviews anytime, any place using your personal devices. All you need is a built-in or portable camera. Our product is 100% web driven.

Seamless integration

Industry standards like HR-xml for seamless integration with other systems, including social platforms like Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Open API allows users to schedule/view pre-recorded and live video interviews.

Key benefits
Reduce cost-per-hire by 30%-45%
Reduce new hire turnover by 20%-30%
Reduce time-to-hire by 25%-40%
Improve quality hires
Streamline the hiring process
A multiple award winning platform.